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Welcome to our Online Store. We are committed to bringing you only relevant, eco-friendly, effective, economical and sustainable products. Please visit our corporate site at www.advancepro.ca for more information on our products and services. Our headquarters is located at Unit 2 - 1311 Valmont Way Richmond, BC, V6V 1Y3. Tax of GST and Shipping will be added at checkout. For special offers and bulk ordering, please contact us (604) 241-7600 or email us at inquire@advancepro.ca. Happy shopping!

Keako Presence - 4 Litres Can$25.00 KBP4000
Repopulate_1L _JPEG_Estore.jpg
Keako Re-Populate - 1 Litre Can$12.00 KBRE1000
Keako Re-Populate - 4 Litres Can$25.00 KBRE4000
Keako Refresh - 500 mL

This 500mL concentrate can make up to 50 litres of deodorizing solution!

Can$20.00 KBREF500
SCD Bio Klean (1 liter).jpg
SCD Bio Klean - 1 Litre Can$28.00 BK1000
SCD BioKlean - 4 Litres Can$80.00 BK4000
All Seasons Bokashi (1 gallon).jpg
SCD All Season Bokashi 1 kg Bag

Soil Conditoner, Deodorizer and Compost Starter

Can$25.00 SCD-BSHI1000
SCD Composting Bin Can$70.00 SCD-BSHI-Bin
SCD Odor Away (1 liter).jpg
SCD Odor Away - 500 mL Can$20.00 OA500
Ultra One HD Degreaser - 4 Litres Can$35.00 U1-HD4000
Ultra One HD - 20 Litres Can$140.00 U1-HD20K
Ultra One G5 Gel Degreaser - 4 Litres Can$35.00 U1-G54000
Ultra One Safest Rust Remover - 4 Litres Can$35.00 U1-Rust4000

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